MORE&LESS Academy is an initiative specifically devoted to engage new generations of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students and professors with relevant and up to date topics on supersonic and sustainable aviation. On the basis of the experience gathered within the context of the H2020 STRATOFLY Project, MORE&LESS Academy can consist of 3 main Challenges, lasting approximately one academic year each, whose topics can follow the advancements of the projects:
  • 1st Challenge (academic year 2021-2022): main technological advancements for a sustainable supersonic aviation;
  • 2nd Challenge (academic year 2022-2023): models and tools to design the future sustainable supersonic aviation;
  • 3rd Challenge (academic year 2023-2024): enabling supersonic aircraft operations: trajectories, operations and procedures.

    We are now ready to kick-off the initiative and to start the first challenge!