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Key personnel

Kevin G. Bowcutt

Dr. Kevin G. Bowcutt is a Principal Senior Technical Fellow & Chief Scientist of Hypersonics for Boeing with 38 years of experience. He is an AIAA Fellow, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He holds BS, MS and PhD degrees in aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland. Dr. Bowcutt is an internationally recognized expert in hypersonic aerodynamics, propulsion integration, and vehicle design and optimization. Dr. Bowcutt leads Boeing’s advanced design efforts for hypersonic missiles, airplanes and space-planes, and is the technical lead for Boeing’s hypersonic passenger airplane program.

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Marty Bradley

Dr. Marty Bradley is a Boeing Technical Fellow and AIAA Fellow. He is a recognized expert in sustainable aviation, alternative fuels, environmental life cycle assessment (LCA), and hypersonic propulsion.

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Steven L. Baughcum

Dr. Steven L. Baughcum is Technical Fellow for Emissions and Atmospheric Effects for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He has been a lead author of NASA assessments of the atmospheric effects of aircraft emissions on the atmosphere, the IPCC Special Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere and is a member of the ICAO CAEP Impacts and Science Group.

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Thomas R Smith

Thomas R Smith is an Associate Technical Fellow and has 34 years at The Boeing Company where he is Chief Designer for hypersonic vehicles. He is currently the Chief Designer for the Hypersonic Passenger Airplane as well as some proprietary programs.

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Hao Shen

Mr. Hao Shen is an ATF and acoustics engineer. He has nearly ten years of acoustics research experience at Boeing. He is experienced in computational aeroacoustics, jet and airframe noise predictions and tools development, numerical and experimental data analysis, and sonic boom propagation predictions and tools development. He also had six years of research experience at GE Global Research Center on jet noise and wind turbine noise.

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Todd Magee

Mr. Todd Magee has spent the majority of his 33 year career at Boeing focused on the design, analysis, development and testing of high speed aircraft, launch vehicles and missiles. He has held leadership positions on many NASA, DOD and Boeing proprietary projects where supersonic and hypersonic aircraft have been developed. His expertise includes project leadership, aerodynamic design and analysis, performance, Computational Fluid Dynamics, sonic-boom design and analysis, aeroheating and wind tunnel testing for subsonic through hypersonic vehicles.

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Nicholas Applegate

Mr. Nicholas Applegate is a Performance and Configuration Engineer for Advanced Concepts in Boeing Commercial Aircraft Product Development. He specializes in sustainable aviation, designing and analyzing green aircraft such as future electric vehicles.

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Sunil Tandon

Mr. Sunil Tandon has 39 years of aerospace engineering experience with an emphasis in flight mechanics analysis. Recent experience includes sizing and performance evaluation of reusable demonstrators concept vehicles. Experienced in system sizing, reusable and expendable launch vehicle performance assessment and trajectory optimization.

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