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Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine, Head of U.S. Policy, Juris Doctor, American University Washington College of Law, B.A. in Engineering/Government & Law. Rachel is the Head of US Policy for Boom Supersonic. She has over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, with a focus in aviation public policy, legal and regulatory issues including her most recent work for the United States Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

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Joe Salamone

Dr. Joe Salamone, Principal Acoustics Engineer at Boom, Ph.D. in Acoustics from The Pennsylvania State University. Joe has recently joined the team at Boom to support the Overture program. Prior to Boom, Joe worked for 20 years at Gulfstream Aerospace in the acoustics and vibration engineering department. He has experience in LTO noise modeling and prediction, nonlinear acoustic propagation and noise certification. Along with his analytical and computational background, he has test and measurement experience for subsonic aircraft noise and has participated in supersonic flight test campaigns sponsored by NASA for sonic boom research.

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Lourdes Maurice

Dr. Lourdes Maurice, Advisor, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of London, United Kingdom. Lourdes currently serves as an advisor to Boom Technology, the U.S. National Academies of Science and Engineering, the University of California, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. She is the former Executive Director of the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Environment and Energy.

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Ben Murphy

Ben Murphy, Lead, Propulsion Engineer, M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Cincinnati. Ben Murphy has 7 years of experience in propulsion integration, the majority of which has been dedicated to supersonic applications. Prior to Boom, he supported GE LEAP flight testing as well as GE large military engines, including the F-15, F-16, B- 1, and new programs, with a focus on cycle design. Currently, Ben leads the Boom propulsion team on both XB-1 and Overture, focusing on engine cycle improvements resulting from increasing jet velocity, enabled by a reduction in jet, fan, and core noise. His work includes the analysis and test of these technologies using NPSS and aerodynamic tools.

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Marshall Gusman

Marshall Gusman, Aerodynamics Manager, M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Davis. Marshall is the aerodynamics lead for Boom’s supersonic airliner and has contributed to all phases of design for the XB-1 supersonic demonstrator airplane. His background is in multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization, performance, stability and control, wind tunnel and flight testing, and computational methods. Prior to Boom, he worked for 5 years designing and testing electric VTOL vehicles at Zee.Aero/Kittyhawk, and 4 years performing powered rocket simulations with inviscid and viscous CFD codes in the Advanced Supercomputing Division at NASA Ames. He has also participated in the development and testing of the DaSH human-powered airplane and helped set the world distance record in the irreverent Flugtag competition.

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