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Christer Fureby

Prof. Christer Fureby is the head of the Heat Transfer division at the Department Energy Sciences since Jan 2020. This division conducts fundamental and applied research and education in thermal fluid flows and combustion using both experimental and computational methods. Prior to that Fureby was the Research Director of the Computational Fluid Dynamics and Combustion (CFD&C) group at the Defence & Security, Systems and Technology division of the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, in Stockholm Sweden. The CFD&C group conducts applied research in the areas of aero- and hydrodynamics and acoustics, reactive flows, weapons physics, and contaminant transport. Between 2003 and 2012 he also held a position as adjunct professor in hydrodynamics at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Fureby received his M.Sc. in civil engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University in 1989 and his Ph.D. in engineering physics, also at Faculty of Engineering at Lund University in 1995. After that he worked as post-doctoral fellow at the department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College in London, UK. In 1997 he moved to FOI (then the Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOA), first as a researcher, then as a senior researcher and since 2003 as research director in the field of computational fluid dynamics and combustion. Prof. Fureby is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of the Combustion Institute. Fureby have published more than 250 conference papers, journal articles and book chapters. Fureby is also the 2020 Research Excellence Award winner of The Combustion Institute.

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Mattias Richter

Prof. Mattias Richter is performing his research within the Division of Combustion Physics, which is part of the Department of Physics at Lund University in Sweden. The Division conducts research on laser diagnostics for application in various fields, spanning from engineering to bio-photonics. Prof. Richter received his Ph.D. in Physics in 2002. His thesis work was focused on development and application of optical diagnostics for engine development. Since then he has been responsible for the Division’s activities within the Centre of Competence Combustion Processes involving several national and international engine manufacturers as industry partners. Richter has been representing Lund University in several EU-projects on engine and gas turbine development. In 2006 he became an Associate Professor, and in 2016 he got a position as full professor. The research focus is on 2D and 3D imaging of species distributions in reacting flows, high-speed diagnostics and phosphor thermometry. The activities include both fundamental studies in laboratory environment and highly applied work conducted in practical apparatus. These applications include work in engines ranging in size from chain saws to big-bore engines for marine propulsion. Also processes in stationary and aviation gas turbines, afterburners, gas ovens and boilers have been studied in the applied research that is often being conducted at the sites of industrial partners. Currently Richter is the main supervisor for six PhD students and he has been main supervisor for ten graduated PhDs. He is associated editor for the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute and The Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of the Advisory Board for The Journal of Engine Research (IJER) and for The International Congresses on High-Speed Imaging and Photonics (ICHSIP).

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Elna Nilsson

Dr. Elna Nilsson is a senior lecturer at the Department of Combustion Physics and is teaching at both the faculty of engineering and the faculty of science. Her main educational activities are the role as coordinator for the meteorology education and the role as energy science coordinator. Dr. Nilsson’s main research focus in chemical kinetics in combustion processes, and in particular the development of chemical kinetics models for a range of fossil and biofuels. In 2005 Dr. Nilsson graduated from the Science faculty at Lund University, with a major in chemistry. In 2009 she defended her PhD thesis “Reaction kinetics and isotope effects of atmospheric trace gases” from the Copenhagen Center for Atmospheric Research (CCAR) at the University of Copenhagen. The main topics during the PhD studies were spectroscopy and kinetics of small hydrocarbons relevant to atmospheric chemistry. After the graduation Dr. Nilsson stayed for one year as a postdoc at CCAR, working with the development of a new method for photochemical cleaning of indoor air. In March 2010 she joined the Department of Combustion Physics as a postdoc researcher. From 2014 Dr. Nilsson is appointed associate senior lecturer at Combustion Physics and during the last few years her work has mainly concerned development of reduced chemical kinetic models for use in CFD simulations. Nilsson has published more than 52 conference papers, journal articles and book chapters.

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Thommie Nilsson

Dr. Thommie Nilsson is about to start at a post doctoral position at the Heat Transfer division at the Department Energy Sciences in 2020. This division conducts fundamental and applied research and education in thermal fluid flows and combustion using both experimental and computational methods. Before that Dr. Nilsson was a developer at Loge AB, a company that makes simulation tools for reactive flow primarily focused towards engines, fuels and after- treatment. Dr. Nilsson received his M.Sc in physics at Lund University in 2015, and his a Ph.D in mechanical engineering on the topic of fluid dynamics at Lund University in 2019, the thesis being focused on reaction waves in turbulent combustion. Dr. Nilsson has published 5 journal articles.

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Arvid Åkerblom

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