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Ayce Celikel - WP7 Leader

Ayce Celikel is President and is a founding member of ENVISA. She holds a Masters in Engineering in Environmental Science and has has spent the past 22 years developing sustainable solutions for the aviation industry. She has experience in leading teams on large scale European projects (EU, EASA, Cleansky, EUROCONTROL, Europeaid). Throughout her career she has contributed many European collaborative projects in the areas such as development of European toolset and modelling for aviation, best practices in green operations, environmental constraints, new technologies etc.. She has extensive experience in aviation environmental strategies, aviation environmental studies, capacity building, including environmental regulations, assessment methodologies and environmental effects.

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Thomas Rötger

Dr. Thomas Rötger has over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. He joined ENVISA as Senior Associate in early 2021. From 2008 to 2020 he was Assistant Director Environment Technology in the International Air Transport Association (IATA), working on all technical and scientific aspects of sustainable aviation, such as noise, emissions and sustainable fuels. He has been a member of various working groups of ICAO’s Environmental Committee (CAEP), including WG1 on noise and WG3 on emissions. From 1988 to 2008 he worked at Airbus in Toulouse and Hamburg, with a focus on environment, cabin technology and airport compatibility.

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Chris Eyers

Chris Eyers is a professional aeronautical and mechanical engineer with career-long experience in aircraft and engine research, development and certification. His focus has been on the environmental effects of engine combustion and aircraft design. From his time as head of a large combustion and control research team within a large research organisation, Chris has gained a broad experience of aviation combustion emissions reduction technology, its interdependency with noise and its implementation. Authoring reports to the UK government on aviation fuel burn and noise technology developments over the next 50 years has provided a wide view of potential aviation technology developments while recent work on the ICAO CO2 Standard and Independent Expert Technology Review gave detailed insight into airframe/engine product development, technology transition, multinational aviation policy development and into metrics for aviation environmental performance measurement. To complement this, earlier multidisciplinary work as an aircraft engine development specialist, certification trials manager and research team leader has given Chris a broad understanding of engine and airframe product development, integration, interdependency and optimisation to meet customer needs, along with knowledge of engine certification.

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Hans Dorries

Hans Dorries has more than 17 years of unique airport planning and design experience including both domestic and international projects. He has served as the project manager and/or the lead technical planner on a variety of projects including: airport master plans, noise compatibility studies, airspace obstruction analyses, and aviation forecasting. Mr. Dorries also provides software functionality training and technical support services for the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). He has served as Senior Business Analyst on business intelligence (BI) tools development projects, including dashboard, alerts and notifications, query manager, workflow manager, reports, and geographic information systems (GIS). He was responsible for elicitation and documentation of the business, user, and solution requirements. Mr. Dörries also served as aviation faculty at the Florida Institute of Technology College of Aeronautics. He was responsible for developing and delivering courses related to airport planning and design, as well as computer applications such as the Integrated Noise Model (INM). He holds a Master of Science in Aviation with specialisation in Airport Development and Management, as well as a Master of Business Administration with specialization in business process analysis and optimisation.

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Michele Cremaschi

Michele Cremaschi is environmental engineer at ENVISA, where he is mainly working in research & development tasks for public institutions such as EASA projects (on aviation environmental performance, eco label, supersonics overflight analysis and environmental modelling) and he is also involved with Cleansky 2 RAPTOR project on the modelisation of nvPM. He has a Master’s degrees in Environmental Engineering and he started his professional career as a trainee in the Environment Section at EASA, helping the team on environmental impact assessment activities.

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Annunziata Chiacchiera

Annunziata Chiacchiera is environmental engineer at ENVISA. She earns a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering at University of Salerno and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. She developed a post graduate research project in collaboration with the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering of Politecnico di Milano (DEIB). In ENVISA Annunziata is involved in several projects regarding Air Quality Modelling, noise impacts and GHGs emissions calculations, contributing to their development with her analytical insight.

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