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Key personnel

Volker Gollnick

Prof. Dr. Volker Gollnick is director of the Institute of Air Transportation Systems and university professor at the Hamburg University of Technology. He has nearly 30 years of professional experience working in ministerial positions and management functions in the industry. His major contributions were in the development programmes of Eurofighter, Tiger and NH. His research focuses on the integration of classical aircraft design methods with aircraft operations and assessing feasibility and impact on the environment. A current focus is on new air transport concepts like super/hypersonic flight urban air mobility and system of systems in aviation. His teaching activities include lectures on Air Transportation Systems, Flight Guidance and Aircraft Design. He is author/co-author of more than 150 Publications and the lecture book Air Transport System.

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Florian Linke

Dr. Florian Linke is employed at the institute since 2008. He received his diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in Aeronautical Engineering from RWTH Aachen University in 2007 and obtained a Ph.D. degree in 2016 from Hamburg University of Technology. His current position is team leader of Air Traffic Infrastructures and Processes. He has a background in Air Traffic Management and flight mechanics, guidance and control and focuses on trajectory optimization and new operational concepts to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. In 2013, Mr. Linke was delegated to the NASA Aviations Systems Division at Ames Research Center in the context of a ATM collaboration on route optimization with reduced environmental impact. He participated to Industry Projects, National Projects and EU Projects. He is author or co-author of about 80 publications (journals, conference papers, invited talks) and reviewer of some international journals.

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Bernd Liebhardt

Dr. Bernd Liebhardt is an aerospace engineer by trade (Dipl.-Ing.). He works at the Institute of Air Transportation Systems since 2009 and completed his doctoral studies in 2016, being awarded the Dr.-Ing. from TUHH. His thesis assessed the benefit of air travel regarding various aspects of time from a passenger’s perspective. His research activities focus mainly on civil supersonic operations and economics. He has the goal of specifically assessing the most important non-technical aspects (e.g. sonic-boom-compliant flight routes or supersonic airline business cases) for engineering important requirements of future high-speed air transportation systems in turn.

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Jacob J. Jäschke

Jacob J. Jäschke finished his studies in Engineering Science at Berlin Technical University in 2021. Having a background in technical acoustics, as well as numerical mathematics and simulation, he finished his master thesis at the Institute of Transportation Systems on the topic of sonic boom propagation. Now he is a research associate at the institute and focuses on efficient computation strategies for the propagation of sonic boom. Besides his research activities, he is teaching assistant for the lecture of Air Transportation Systems at TUHH.

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Maximilian M. Meuser

Maximilian M. Meuser received his Master's degree in Aircraft-Systems Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology in 2020. He is currently working as a research associate at the Institute of Air Transportation Systems with focus on the atmospheric impact minimization of sub- and supersonic civil aviation. Within the MORE&LESS project, his activities involve the numerical simulation of 4D trajectories and their optimization to mitigate the environmental impact of CO and non-CO2 emissions. Besides his research activities, he is teaching assistant for the lecture of Air Fleet Operations at TUHH.

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